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Organizing Committee:

Jianzhong Pan, Guoping Tang

Program Committee:

Anthony Bak, Jonathan Rosenberg, Guoping Tang, Charles Weibel

Scientific Committee:

Max Karoubi, Amnon Neeman, Guoliang Yu

The International Conference on
"K-Theory and Related Topics",

organized by the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, will be held from Auguest 6 to 10, 2014 in Beijing, China. The conference is sponsored by the K-Theory Foundation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The aim of this conference

is to bring together researchers active in K-theory and related areas of mathematics where K-theory plays an important role including algebraic geometry, number theory, classical-like groups and noncommutative geometry. Specific topics will include algebraic cycles, A1-homotopy theory, derived and triangulated categories, motivic cohomology, KK-theory, and cyclic (co)homology. The K-theory Prize of the K-Theory Foundation will be awarded for the first time at this conference.

Invited Speakers

Vigleik Angeltveit   
Benjamin Antieau   
Aravind Asok   
Joseph Ayoub   
Andrew Blumberg   
Guillermo Cortinas   
Frederic Deglise   
Ivo Dell Ambrogio   
Jean Fasel   
Yubing Gao   
Guihua Gong   
Xuejun Guo   
Roozbeh Hazrat   
Marc Hoyois   
Shane Kelly   

(Los Angeles)
(Buenos Aires)

Moritz Kerz   
Hang Liu   
Viktor Petrov   
Hourong Qin   
Nikita Semenov   
Anastasia Stavrova   
Goncalo Tabuada   
Matthias Wendt   
Rufus Willet   
Changchang Xi   
Kejian Xu   
Hong You   
Guoliang Yu   
Weibo Yu   
Zuhong Zhang   

(St. Petersburg)
(St. Petersburg)
(Cambridge, MA)
(College Station)


The Organizing Committee e-mail address: info@ktheorybeijing.org

Conference Poster
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